What is a resume?

A resume is a marketing tool that outlines your experience and abilities. It is used to apply for jobs and to present yourself to potential employers you are wanting to work for. Just like an interview, your resume is an important part of the first impression you make with a potential employer, so allow yourself some time to create a tailor-made resume for the jobs you are applying for.


What should be included in your resume?
  • Who you are and how you can be contacted (name, address, email & telephone number)

  • Your job objective (what is the position you are applying for?)

  • Work history (include all work experience & any volunteer work preferably within the last ten years to keep it relevant).

  • Education history (include certifications by licensed bodies, any post-secondary education or trades programs.

  • Other areas to consider: Languages (are you bilingual?), any published findings,any special honours or awards which you were a recipient of (ex. Employee of the Month) as well as any other information pertinent to the job for which you are applying.

  • Who can "vouch" for you? References! It is standard to include three. References are people who have direct knowledge of your capabilities in the work environment. These should ideally be people who were in supervisory positions and who have a good knowledge of your work ethic. 

What should I not include?
  • Personal details (Marital Status, Age, Birth Date, Social Insurance Number, Ethnicity or Religion)

  • A  Record of Your Previous Wages

  • Select only  significant and recent honours/activities to include in your resume.

  • Cute or “gimmicky” appearances (i.e. hot pink paper, cartoons or happy faces)

  • An unusual format. Follow one of the common formats. Make your resume “stand out” because of its content, attention to details and good appearance.

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